A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Equipped with only your camera, hike across the pacific northwest in search of the rarest cryptids.

Catch a good photo of a cryptid, and they'll follow you! But don't get too close: at night, they wildly attack anyone and everything around them, both friend and foe alike!

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@ehgoodenough / Andrew Goodenough / Team Lead & Programming
@chaosed0 / Ed Lu / Programming
@candidklamp / Kieran Lampert / Character Animation & Environment Art
@extyrannomon / Milo Moore / Character Designs
@alzuna / Alisa Bishop / UI Art
@InKahootsMS / Steven J Garcia / Music Design & Sound Design
@odom_soren / Soren Odom / Character Voices
@LiannEMGarcia / Liann E.M / Character Voices


cryptozootography-0.7.8.dmg 250 MB
cryptozootography-0.7.8-win.zip 245 MB


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Fantastic little game, and such a fresh twist on the concept of tactics games where you turn enemies into allies while avoiding their attacks! Enjoyed it lots :)

Great game even if I'm a little slow!
Keep cranking out such amazing games!

I saw your game over at the r/tbs sub-reddit, and it turned out to be a nice little surprise. It's rare to see a tbs game break from the mold of the genre and introduce some interesting concepts and Cryptozootography is certainly a breath of fresh air. Turning enemies into allies instead of just killing them off to win a map, set attack patterns and even the core concept of photographing cryptids make for one satisfying play experience. My only complaint is that the game is much too short, it ends just when things start to get interesting. If you're planning on releasing a longer version I would suggest to make the photography and day and night cycle mechanic more engaging, there's a lot of fun things that you can probably do with it.

In any case, thank you for sharing your game hoping to see more from you guys in the future!


The animations at night time were really great. Concept was pretty cool too.


Nice work !!

Art and motion are so cute! If you refine the content a little more, it will be a wonderful work


This game is really fun! The cryptid designs are adorable, and the mechanics naturally really make you think about positioning!