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This is somehow the first "Into-the-Breach-like" that I've seen, and it broadly succeeds. Clean, colorful, cartoon punk graphics provide some personality, and it's easy to figure out how to play even with the total absence of signposting.

If  the devs wanted to expand it, there's plenty of ways to put more of a spin on things. The game doesn't require much strategy, possibly because the boards and enemy spawns don't force the player into tough situations. Well, they don't as long as players are diligent about removing the spawns each turn, anyway. Relatedly, it might be better if the game only allowed players to escape once every enemy wave was dealt with. The addition of destructible elements to the environment or resources would spice things up, too. But all of those things are extras - this is a fine, focused effort for a jam that executes the essentials. 

I wrote a bit more about this one as a part of this article over on Gamers with Glasses:

The main thing that I'm curious about is how End of the Skyline represents a kind of pop punk approach to cyberpunk - I really think there might be something there in that direction! 


This is really well done! I love the tactical possibilities available due to being able to use your skills on both enemies and allies.  I spent a few good minutes figuring out how to clear all the enemies on the very first turn before realizing reinforcements were a thing lol.  Level 2 I thought I couldnt push enemies off the level cause of the different border on the edge of the building, eventually figured it out though.  Love the character designs, and that sound track was bangin!


Very polished :D I'm very proud of this project !!! Love this game <3 


I really like this game! The cyberpunk city look is very pretty and the push/pull style combat reminds me a lot of what I liked in Into the Breach! I'm excited to see more of this style of game!