A strategy rpg about farming in the post-apocalyptic desert wastelands.

The world has been sundered by the great cataclysm, reducing the environment to sand and silt and dust. How will we grow enough food to sustain our colony of survivors?

Don't lose hope just yet! With advances in "guerilla gardening," we can rapidly grow a seed into a fruitful harvest in just a day!! And it's totally safe! ...so long as you don't lose your farm (or your farmers) to the endless waves of gigantic bugs.


@candidklamp - Kieran Lampert - Character Art & Animation
@chinniedraws - Tania Pavlisak - Environment Art & Plant Designs
@sethpaxton - Paxton - Narrative Design
@InKahootsMS - Steven Garcia - Music Composition & Sound Design
@ehgoodenough - Andrew Goodenough - Production & Development & Design

Katherine Tole - Voice Talent
Soren Odem - Voice Talent

A game for Ludum Dare 50 Extra.


farmageddon-v1.1-mac.dmg 467 MB
farmageddon-v1.1-win.zip 459 MB

Development log


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Checking back in since I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Save Feature ? :3

Hello! used to follow you on twitter, before I deleted twitter! Would love to talk about working on a paid short game project together, if you are interested shoot me an email at ruuneverse@protonmail.com

Thanks! Love all your work! 

I use MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit.

And Wine 1.6.20 (Gecko 2.21) for MS-Windows games.

Can I play any of your games with it?

Hero Tactics does not work.

Let me look into it and get back to you. I don't currently support that system.

@JankyWeber: Do the embedded browser games work for you? Can you play games in your browser?

No. I can't play the games on my computers.

I tried Farmageddon again,
but nothing happens in the browser game window.
Not even an error message.

The same with Neko Rhythm.

In "Go Go Star Blasters!!" I have a "Run Game" button
but the game does not start.
Zompocalypse and HEARTSLINGERS work.
In my opinion, Internet browsers are not for gaming.

I kind of loved this. It's a neat idea, compelling to explore the effects of each seed, very charming. And personally I love the side note that the giant bugs were instrumental to climate restoration. This is great.

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Is there ability to save the game?  I have not found a way to save.  I played for a few hours, and then it crashed and had to start over.

Hey!! Thank you so much for playing. There isn't a save feature yet, but we really should add one!

hi the game in browser doesnt work? idk if its just me or what

Thank you for reporting this! It might not work in some browsers. What browser are you using?

chrome :))


Very cool!! I like the art :)


Really nice! Great graphics and concept. I really struggled to manage to farm anything without getting killed by the relentless bugs though :)


Nice Concept, Loved playing It.


Intriguing game play, compelling sound and overall vibe the game had! I struggled a bit with harvesting though - but perhaps that's just me in terms of further developing that mechanic to be a bit more intuitive. Overall fun game! Well done!


This game is a nice twist to what I think is inspired by “Into the Breach”. It’s looking really good, and I hope to see it being developed further.


some of the crops dont harvest like the melon 

Hey! Thank you for reporting your issue. Each crop requires different care to grow. The ottermelons are the slowest to grow, taking 8(!) growths to finally harvest. You just have to be patient with them.

That said, we're probably not doing enough to tutorialize that. We'll take a note to teach the players more about what makes each crop special!!