A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A love letter to oldschool tactics rpgs.

Lead your motley party of heroes through a series of micro tactics battles. Each enemy encounter plays out like a puzzle. But if you can solve it, you'll recruit more heroes, learn new skills, and vanquish evil!

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Your Heroes!!

Tod the WarriorPhil the ArcherSimon the Cleric

5 health3 health2 health
Deals 2 damage
Deals 1 damage
from 2 tiles away
Heals 1 damage.
Moves 2 tilesMoves 2 tilesMoves 2 tiles

How to Play!!

  1. Select a unit by clicking on them. Deselect a unit by clicking on them again.
  2. After selecting a unit, click on a tile to move them to that tile, or click on an enemy unit to have them attack that unit!
  3. Each unit can move and attack once per turn.
  4. When a unit has no health, they must retreat from the battle.
  5. Route all the enemies to win the stage!

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Thanks for Playing!!


hero-tactics-0.4.4-d-macos.dmg 92 MB
hero-tactics-0.4.4-d-windows.zip 90 MB

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This feels like something that would be amazing on phones. 

Woo I want more