A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A young girl out on the open sea, fishing for a leviathan.


@FuShark - Fu - Character Design
@candidklamp - Kieran Lampert - Character Art
@submergedtapes - Jake Gaule - Music & Sound Design
@SundialShark - Noelle Dev - UI Art & Env Art
@rainbowfission - InfiniteBrians - Enemy Art, UI Art & BG Art
@ehgoodenough - Andrew Goodenough - Production*

Game Jams

We made this for Game By Its Cover Jam 2021, where you design and develop a game inspired by the Famicase Exhibition. We were directly inspired by this famicase  of "Leviathan Dawn" by FuShark, because we loved the ocean vibes!!

We also did this as part of Pigsquad's Summer Slow Jam 2021. They are a fantastic and supportive community!


leviathan-dawn-windows.zip 368 MB
leviathan-tactics-macos.dmg 374 MB


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I think this is such an amazing piece that you can create more steps and release it. It was short, but I could enjoy it interestingly!


Nice game, although so short.


Awesome little tactics game!


sooo much polish! Its great


Some really great graphics and cool ambience ! 

The game design is overall great, I guess User Interface could benefit from some help (like information on the attacks when the mouse is over it, or information of the type of fish that comes out of the bubbles and the number of cases it will be able to make). 

I found myself using a lot of the "return" button but most of the time because the "default" option was not moving, and I ended up wasting my attack or even attacking my other character. I think the default option is the last one made but I'm not sure.

Concerning the iterations you could make from this game, I guess variety from fishes or even level design elements could benefit from a longer experience. 

However, tested it on late september 2021, this game was enjoyable :D

this wasnt really the game for me but i still liked the game but it could be me being confused but ou could add some more explenation to the totorial and stuff maybe an arrow to the back thing bc i thought that was a thing that took you back to the menu and you can tell the player how to move bc first i thought i would press 1 2 or 3 bc there where things saying stuff in the corner


Great game! Nice concept and mechanics! Great job!
This game is featured in my Top 5 of this Week!


Very fun time! I love the art style and the effects used. The ripple effect in the field is a cute touch. Gameplay wise, there’s a bit of intricacies and strategies you can use. There was a good amount of challenge to the game as well. The music track was catchy as well! I only wish there was one or two more levels!

Regardless, it was a good time! Great work on this!


Really awesome and a lot of fun, good job team!
Accidentally friendly-fired and got wrecked by a samurai shark, which was pretty cool.


Very cool for a concept. It would be nice to see a more fleshed out version of this with more party members, different enemy types and some actual leviathans as bosses. 




I really like the art and the concept of this game!!! Fun game :3


Quite short but i had fun,

Also, I didn't realise till the end that you could jump or push fish